Fabrication, design, cutting and engraving.

30″ x 50″ Countertop barrier

For use at shop counters, atop tables, bars, or desks, this design combines extremely robust legs with low-weight paneling to mix the best elements of sturdiness and cost-efficiency. Easy to assemble or tear down for storage, and highly customizable, this barrier can be adapted to suit many purposes. By default the panel will have a 24″ x 10″ cutout on the bottom to allow items to be passed through. This can be removed or changed at no additional cost.

Custom engraving is available – please contact us with your design for a quote.

If purchased flat-pack glue will be provided, as well as assembly instructions. No special tools are needed – simply allign slots with their corresponding tabs. If the pre-welded option is purchased RadFabs will assemble the frame components so that the only on-site work needed is to affix the barrier panels to the legs. RadFabs can also be hired to perform on-site assembly.